Well if you are into photography as I am, then you pay attention to new equipment.  For me that is watching nikonrumors.com for new cameras, lens, and other Nikon items.  Well this past weekend apparent leaks of upcoming D800 camera arose.

Check out the post here: Ladies and Gentleman I Present to You the Nikon D800!

Now I have been debating on what to get as my next camera.  The D3000 is just getting old and obviously is not the best on the block.  I do always get quality images out of my baby, and don’t get me wrong I love my camera.  She has worked well and in instances that a lot of others complain about the function of it.  It is light and easy to hold, though when you put on a lens like the 85mm f1.4G it does get a little front heavy.  My only real complaint is the fps on it and the fact I have to use menus to change a lot of options, but I have gotten really quick at that.

So this weekend I was luck enough to borrow my father-in-laws D7000.  What a nice camera, light, but heavy enough to give good balance.  Fast (compared to my D3000) and all the options you need at your finger tips, well within reach of you right hand, giving you full ability to shoot manual with one hand.  Now the battle becomes full frame versus crop sensor, for what I do, I do not need the extra reach of the 1.5 factor.  But the price jump is a big investment.  We will see when Nikon officially announces it’s follow up to the D700 where I will go.

Here is a sample shot with the D7000.  This is of a new high rise going up next to my in-laws building in downtown Chicago.  I want to take a series as this building is going up so look out for more of this view of the building going up!