It is about the patience and time you put into it.

I get messages at least a few times a week about how I can make photographs like I do with a Nikon D3000.  Things like:  I just need a better camera, it would be easier, there is no auto-bracketing, you must be using something else (check the metadata), etc, etc.  I do use the D3000, it is the only camera I have had for several years now.  I have a few lens, and I enjoy them all.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when I get frustrated with the frame rate, or the fact if I bump up the ISO even a little bit I get fuzzy shots.

But I love that camera, it is what I could afford.  I learned to bracket manually and do it carefully as to not move the camera to take the several exposures needed for an HDR.  I took the extra time to make sure the shots were what I wanted.  Not just rushing through. 

Photography is a skill, it takes time.  I have spent over two years evolving and I am still evolving, we all are.  I love reading stuff from like Joe McNally (btw check out his new book: Sketching Light) because this man is amazing, and he always makes sure he includes what he screwed up, and how he even gets frustrated all the time.  It is just not you. 

There is nothing wrong with dreaming of that awesome Lens and that amazing new 20+ MP camera.  I do it 😉  Just enjoy the real reason we all spend time doing photography:

Because WE LOVE IT!!
My Pic of the day, Chicago’s Park at Lakeshore East just after sunset on an overcast day: