Always hard after a holiday weekend to get back to the grind.  I decided again this morning to take in a sunrise along the lakefront.  I headed to back to Fullerton to enjoy the light show.  It was such a beautiful morning, a fellow person was sitting down there just taking in the morning sights.

Technical Information on this shot: f/8, ISO 200 @ 17mm.  Three exposures blended in Photomatix: 6 sec, 13 sec, 30sec.  Post done in Photoshop and OnOne Software’s Perfect Effects. 

What do you prefer, sunset or sunrise?  I think for a lot of us, it depends on where you located, water to the east or west.  Both provide stunning light and with the right cloud coverage can really make the sky look like a painting.

Here is one more from the other day’s sunrise at North Avenue:

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and got some good shooting in.  The only shots I took were of my niece playing around a playground.  Though I love taking shots of her like that.  More on Child Photography later in the week 😉 

Short post today, hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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