I love Chicago.  

I really do.

I am lucky to have lived there, and still live close enough to see it everyday.  Looking back at photographs I have taken makes me love it even more.  It was the one subject that really pushed my photography to the forefront, and it is a great subject to shoot over and over again.

It changes with the weather, it changes with new buildings going up and old buildings coming down. 

New York is great, San Fransisco is very photogenic, but I would always choose Chicago to shoot over any other city.  It makes both a great backdrop and a great center stage subject.

This shot was fro ma few months ago while walking home after shooting some shots, it is handheld and the single Raw file was the processed in Photomatix then Photoshop. 

It makes me smile.  I always am excited for the next time I get to shoot it, and learning more about the city as I go along.   New places, new history and a new way to look at it.  

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