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As the year is winding down we all reflect on what has happened and what we look forward to.  This year has been the best ever in my life both from a business and a personal stand point.  We purchased our new house which has been amazing, Colleen and I celebrated a year in August, we hosted our first Christmas (successfully!), and I can go on and on.  Since this is a photography blog I will stick to that!

** This post is filled with some of my most popular shots from this year (based on Flickr, google+, and other sites as well as what I think)

This was the first year of really running this as a business and taking on clients.  It has been amazing. The people have been fun to work with and supportive.  I have learned more by being thrown in then I would have just standing by as an assistant.  A lot of my first clients knew my wife and I in some shape or form and I thank them so much for the support.  As I look through all the different sessions it amazes me how I have grown in such a short time, but as a photographer I feel we should always grow and evolve.

Dog Portrait at Sunset

I want to thank all my clients from this past year for sharing your moments with me and I hope I have kept it fun for all of you.  It is fun to look back at all the couples, kids, and families I had the pleasure of photographing this year!

Here is a look back at them:

Chicago Weddings

Chicago weddings

Chicago Lifestyle Portraits

I was also lucky to meet a lot of new people with the same love of photography as myself and get out and shoot with them.  Now the weather or locations sometimes did not work out, but we always had a laugh or two and had some fun.

Chicago HDR Skyline Blue Hour

Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank my unbelievably amazing wife, without her none of this would have happened.  She is my rock and she puts as much as I do into this, from getting my name out there and finding me new clients all the time.

Portland Oregon Mount Hood at Sunset

I am excited for 2013 and all it has to bring, from all my wonderful couples I will get to share their days with to just getting out there and growing even more as a photographer and as a person.  I have several goals for 2013 but I think I will save them for possibly the first post of 2013, we will see.   I also have some exciting news to come in 2013 and maybe a few surprises 🙂

Chicago Sunrise HDR

Thank you all who read my blog, follow me on twitter, flickr, and facebook and for all the support. I wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!!  Bring it on 2013!!

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  1. Congrats Christopher!!! How awesome is your work this past year!! Colin hopes you can take pics of him again soon! 🙂

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