As an update to my previous post, Favorite Photography Blogs/Websites to Read, I want to make sure I update this at lease once a year if not more.  This is due to the amount of information out there and also for myself to reflect on what I have been reading and what I have grown away from.  Please if I miss a favorite site of yours add it in the comments, always looking for more sites to read with good content!  I am just going to point to a few, I do read probably 20-25 blogs a day and follow a ton on twitter as well.

Photography Sites/Blogs:

Nikon Rumors: I am a Nikon shooter so I need to keep up on these things.  For you Canon lovers: Canon Rumors

Phlearn: This is both a Photography site and an amazing Photoshop site.  Aaron Nace has built an amazing informative site.  I have met the guys here and they are great.  Yeah you have to pay for the PRO tutorials, but trust me they are worth it, I have learned more in a 3 hour tutorial from them then in a ton of reading about Photoshop.

Strobist: All things flash, this site has so much information and great photography.  

Photography BLOG: Good equipment and photography information and reviews.

Photographer Sites/Blogs:

Joe McNally’s Blog: My favorite Photographer, I read all his books, I follow his work, he is an inspiration to me and to many photographers out there.  Just go see for yourself!

Ryan Brenizer’s blog: An amazing wedding photographer whose creativity makes you rethink of how you may shoot your next event.  Looking for something different check out his style, it can inspire you to try something a little different at your next event.

Out Of Chicago: If you are big into shooting Chicago, you probably have heard of Chris Smith and his blog, Out of Chicago.  He has great information about shooting the city as well as techniques and other advice.  He also leads some great photowalks which are always fun to get out and meet other photographers!

BK|Photograffi: This is another great Chicago Photographer to check out.  He tells it like it is and has some amazing work!

Other Sites:

Style Me Pretty: I shoot weddings, of course I am going to follow this site (plus Colleen and I’s wedding was on the site as well 😉  So yeah, great ideas here for wedding photographers.

Pinterest: You all have heard of it, and for a wedding photographer it is a must.  Many of my brides use it and they definitely pin usual information about what they love.  Plus it is just fun to browse.

Posted this everywhere else but here on my blog, just added this to purchase on the site, so check it out there too:

Chicago Cityscape Skyline Blue Hour Night


2 thoughts on “Favorite Photography Blogs/Websites to Read: {updated!}

  1. I’ve never been to Phlearn. I’ll need to check that out. Canon Rumors is a must. And for Canon people, so is He has tried adding things for Nikon, but hasn’t done much.

    I like to visit for an aggregate of a bunch of good articles.

    Thanks for the link. It feels good to see my name in between all those others, even when it’s a friend writing the article. And I’ve never seen Brian described any better. “He tells it like it is and has some amazing work!”

    And since he was nice enough to have me write an article, I’d also add to your list of sites.

    As far as the image, I think that you do blue hour better than anyone.

  2. Word.

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’ll have to check out some of these other websites. I’m such a goon when it comes to reading, but I definitely check yours and Chris’ sites on the reg.

    And yeah, I’ve been known to be too honest at times. lol

    Keep up the amazing work, dude!

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