I was trying to think up a name for this post, which is just a few random thoughts I wanted to get down.  So I decided to make this a series when I have these types of posts.  How many of these posts do you think I will come up with this year?  I will put the over/under at 10.

  • First thing is first, when it comes to equipment, most of us want quality, but we also want good service as with everything else we purchase.  Recently my photog friend, Brian K., mentioned to me after a conversation with camera bags, that Tenba has a lifetime warranty.  I have one of their messenger bags that I loved, but the hook that holds the shoulder strap on broke while I was heading to a client shoot this past summer.  I was so bummed.  I have not found a messenger style bag I have liked as much as this one.  So after Brian mentioned this I emailed about my predicament and their parts department just emailed me back right away and asked for my address and apologized for the issue.  Now that is service and how you get and keep customers.  I recommend Tenba to anyone looking for a camera bag.  Check them out here! 


Chicago skyline at night on NYE 2013
Chicago from above on NYE 2013!

  • I have been trying to come up with lists of shots I would love to take, to keep myself motivated and to keep myself thinking photography.  Things like star and milky ways shots (let me know if anyone this summer would like to head and out try some of this, need to find a locale), portraits that I want to try with my brides, or with anyone, and of course places I would love to shoot Chicago from.   And as I have said before, let me know if anyone has access to their office building downtown, a balcony or rooftop downtown, etc, I will offer you a print of what I get.  I am excited for the Chicago auto show tomorrow and media day, hopefully I will get some fun shots from there, so stay tuned for those. Do you make lists or jot down shots, locales you want to shoot?
  • As winter has some downtime in my wedding and engagement sessions, always looking for interesting content to add to the blog, let me know if there is anything you would like to see, tutorials you might like, or anything.