It is cold here in Chicago.  Perfect time to catch up on another key piece of gear I use all the time and review it here.  I know this lens is over 2 years old now, what can I say, I like to make sure I really test something first 😉  I figured with the 24mm F1.4 on the way, this is a good time to review the 35mm.

Cute Engagement Photo


The Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens was a lens I held back on getting till I read the first reviews and then knew I had to have it.  I love that focal length, and it pairs nicely with a 85mm f1.4 on another camera for wedding shooting.


Sigma 35mm Art
Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art next to Nikkor 85mm F1.4


I love the looks of this lens, stealth black and smooth.  Sigma did great with the aesthetics of this lens.


The lens has a nice sized focus ring which is great when manual focusing in liveview since it is easy to find.  It started off a little stiff but as I have used over time it has become very fluid and comfortable.  It is plastic but seams pretty durable and takes the everyday use of being tossed in a bag quickly with no caps and bumped around through a wedding day.


Unfortunately it has a 67mm filter size versus the more preferred and common 77mm sized.  I don’t use filters often on a wedding day through there are times when I want to throw a ND filter on to stop down, so a step up ring is a must.






This lens is sharp, especially on a camera like the Nikon D810 or D800.

The focus on the lens was perfect for me on both my cameras with no adjustment needed.  Focus speed is great, never has caused an issue and this is my main lens during those moments when a split second can cause you to miss an amazing moment.

It renders colors well and has some nice contrast to it which I love.  The Sigma 35mm shoots well in hard sunlight rendering flares well and still keeping its beautiful contrast.  On some shots it does show some fringing but that is quickly fixed in Lightroom and does not cause any issues.

The Bokeh is very enjoyable, though I am never too picky about this as some are.  It keeps thing sharp where I want them and blurs the background nicely when wide open.


Jersey Pekapoo
Our Girl Jersey


The Sigma 35mm f1.4 has become a staple in my bag and well actually spends most of the time on one of my cameras during a wedding day and is my go to lens when shooting anything (For Landscapes I still go to an ultrawide zoom).  It is on my camera at all times in my bag since I know if I need a quick shot that this focal length is perfect for me.  The lens changed the way I shot when I purchased it and has allowed me to capture some truly amazing photographs.   I would recommend this over the brand standards (the Nikkor 35mm or Canon 35mm) no problem it is less expensive and outperforms those lenses.  Sigma has really been nailing it with these new prime lenses and I cannot wait to see what the 24mm is like.

Some other shots with the 35mm:

Chicago Engagement
Creative Chicago Wedding Portrait